Trusting relationships, the key to a successful recruitment?

Two-thirds of jobs and appointments are never advertised. The reason is that the majority of employers find their employees through their relationships, or those of their recruitment consultants.

Let’s be honest recruiting a new employee is a high-risk business, getting it wrong is very expensive. Not only the cost of paying someone who turns out to be not all they led you to believe but more importantly the opportunity cost to your growing business.

Letters of application and CVs can be misleading, face to face interviews a guessing game and assessment centres expensive and certainly not erudite.

So how do you ensure your next hire is the right hire? The solution isn’t new or costly. It’s the way successful business always works it’s through trusting relationships. Hiring people who you already know and trust de-risks the appointment.

If you don’t know the right people or haven’t got the time to find the right people collaborating with a partner who can do the hard graft for you is the answer. As Daniel Hulme of iTrust Partnering said in his recent blog - Blending the Worlds of Recruitment and Consultancy

This is also very powerful information if you are currently looking for a new job. Are you looking for a job in the one-third of advertised jobs? Or are you looking for a new job in the two-thirds of vacancies that are accessed through building out your ecosystem of trusting relationships?

Whether you are an employer or an employee finding the best fit and opportunity will always happen through trusting relationships. The true currency of business is trusting relationships not money.

Matt Bird is CEO of Relationology International a company dedicated to advancing business growth through the power of relationships. His book ‘Relationology: 101 Secrets to grow your business through the power of relationships’ is available through Amazon. You can get your FREE weekly video blog ‘A Minute With Matt’ by visiting Relationology

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