Companies in Berlin are in urgent need of qualified personnel

As per an article from the Morgenpost - July 2018 (see link on the picture), it is currently taking companies in the capital 91 days on average to fill a vacant position, compared with 85 days a year ago and 60 days back in 2013.

The economic development in Berlin over the last year has intensified the competition for employees. With Berlin growing faster than other parts of Germany, the need for qualified personnel is increasing.

iTrust offer a collection of seasoned, multi-lingual business development professionals with a rich history in providing teams with a strong focus in Germany and DACH region. Our team are ERP & Cloud Technology Staffing experts who have built up a strong network in which our partners share their contacts to offer swift, solid staffing solutions. We can support with permanent positions within your internal workforce, or external contractors’ support and team solutions.

Our team are able to work and deliver wherever organisations are situated and have the experience, framework and partners to meet all legal and immigration requirements to offer a truly global service.

Take a look at to see how we can help you:-

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