We recognize that technology departments within any industry are currently under pressure to find cost savings, particularly in ERP solutions. There is also a talent shortage in Cloud skills. We want to offer value to our clients through the way we partner.

iTrust Partner Eco-System 


iTrust has a proven method of delivering staffing solutions to technical projects by not only ensuring high delivery standards to our clients, but also providing a unique value proposition through partnerships.

Successfully Placed Associate 

Newly Appointed Partner shares their Trusted Network

Nurturing Associate throughout Assignment 

Evaluate Associate for Potential Partnership

Successfully sourced associates (candidates) are nurtured throughout the placement and evaluated to be potential partners, who then become part of a rich and unique ecosystem. Partners can financially benefit from adding value to future placements by sharing their network.

Speed & Quality:

  • Re-deployment of partners boosts the speed to source, and ensures high quality standards in future placements.Through building a trusted partner pool, allows us to quickly provide known resources to our clients. In fact, it allows our clients, to often shorten the screening process.

  • Our experienced internal delivery team have industry and technology undertanding to quickly qualify the right resources for our clients. Working closely with our Partners and their trusted network, enables iTrust to deliver.


Cost Flexibility & Accountability :

  • Having global partners involved externally through our partnership agreements, helps us to provide the right level of commercial flexibility for our clients by ensuring overhead costs are kept efficient.

  • We offer a unique immigration facilitation service allowing non-local nationals to have the opportunity to work in countries such as North America or Western Europe etc.. This can enable the right cost savings to be in place for our clients and a great opportunity for our Associates to build their international project experience. 

  • By working with a trusted network, enables iTrust together with its Partners to offer our clients accountability. We tailor retention schemes to ensure reliability, trustworthiness, interpersonal & technical skills.


Service Offering

iTrust offers every level of contractor skills or permanent members of staff to support your IT organisation, from junior administrative skills to executive senior appointments.

iTrust Advice-Contract-Validate (ACV)

Advise (A):

  • Before entering into a supplier relationship, we want to help with any fact finding requirements in order to offer you the best service.

  • We offer globally trusted partners who are experts in their subject, coupled with our commercial/business development experts, enabling us to tailor a complete package of experience to deliver the right quality.

Contract (C):

  • ​We have the partnership network, tools and staffing skills to find you the right technical expertise anywhere in the world plus we offer immigration experience to move skills from one country to the next. 

  • Our experienced business development team can tailor rate cards, rebates and any other framework agreements, so we can deliver against your budget expectations.

  • Due to our unique partnership agreements with our trusted network, we provide a fair commercial arrangement that honours the spirit of partnerships.

Validate (V):

  • Provides weekly, monthly and/or quarterly performance reviews over any contractor or team we deliver.

  • Provides a Q&A service with our Subject Matter Experts - agreeing deliverables and milestones.

iTrust Advise-Perm-Validate (APV)

Advice (A):

  • Similar to our ACV service offering, it is in our interest to fact find how you are planning to build your internal competence centres. We offer advice on how to move from high cost countries to low cost countries and/or how the local markets are currently shaping, from salaries to skills.

Perm​ (P)

  • We would like to earn your trust to help with any retained search, either for individual needs or building teams.

  • Our Partnership model allows us to have access to Associates who are eager to settle down into a more permanent position.

  • Our life science focus allows us to carefully track how the permanent market is shaping in our vertical market, offering true value to capture the synergies that are being created.

Validate (V)

  • Our experienced delivery partners will validate, review and monitor in alignment with our business development team our agreed service offering. This will also continue during the probation period of any associates our clients hire from iTrust.


Delivering iTrust (Process)

We aim to deliver trusted individuals first and foremost through our Partner Network. If this isn't possible, we will deliver through our “open market approach” using different sourcing methods (as outlined below) and we will collect client references plus conduct a client DNA check.

Client Request - iTrust Service ACV and / or APV

iTrust Sourcing Model

Global Immigration (optional) & Compliance Facilitation 

On Time, Quality, Compliance, Budget Delivered


Client Engagement Model

iTrust believes in working through a circle of trust directly or indirectly which means, that we will honor any route to supply to make sure we act in our clients interest. We tailor our service offering to respect our clients' engagement requirements.



IT & Business Leadership

(End User)


Purchasing, MSP,

HR or Vendors



Purchasing, MSP,

HR or Vendors


IT & Business Leadership

(End User)

*MSP = Managed Service Provider

*Vendor = Sofware Manfacture or Consultancy

To find out more please contact one of our business development team by clicking "Contact".

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